Monday, November 14, 2011

Time is Still A-Flyin'

Time is still a-flyin' on past me! Where did time go? How did my cute "baby" turn into this handsome, intelligent, well mannered young man. A mom couldn't be prouder than me! He is also very photo shy, so it is a miracle that we have even one semi decent photo of him each year.

I love seeing the progression through the photos. I guess, I should say regression, because we start with the most recent first.

Summer 2011-High School is about to begin. We are at the Garden of The Gods with family. What a great day!

Grade 8. He decided to spike his hair this year. He likes it because the "girls" like it too! :) 2010

2009-Summer Vacation- in British Columbia

2008- Final set of braces on! Yay!

Spring 2007. We had professional photos taken.

2006-Love his eyes in this photo. They are such a nice shade of blue!

2005-We were on vacation with Oma, he is always happy to see her!

2004-jog-a-thon-Welcome to the digital age. One of the first photos with my new digital Camera.

There is something about birthdays that make me sentimental. I hope that the next 15 years will be as enjoyable as the first. Although, look out world, a new driver will soon be on the road!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How time flies!

 2005                                                                                         2006



My daughter--who turned from the pretty young girl to beautiful young lady.  I admit it, I am biased.

Dear Daughter,

In case you ever get lost, I thought I would tell you about yourself.  This is how I see you.  I hope you see yourself the same way.

From the photos, it is obvious that your favorite colour is pink-and blue!  Not that you don't wear other colours, you just pick these as your photo colours.  You prefer your hair short.   The only reason it is as long as it is, is because your friend dared you to grow it out this summer.  I love that you took her up on the offer, but you are debating getting it cut--as it's just too hot.  You have your dad's thick, somewhat wavy hair.  Lucky you.

You love to sing.  At the moment you are in private voice lessons, which you think are not quite as fun as you'd like.  You have such a beautiful voice.  I am glad that you have that talent.  You are also in choir--holding down the alto section by yourself.  What a compliment to have your teacher tell the class that if they are lost, they are to follow you.  That's my girl!  You definitely did not get that talent from me either.

You are a great student, who is striving to do her best in school.  I love how you put effort into learning.  I also love how creative you are.  Currently, you are teaching yourself to sculpt.  You also are teaching yourself to sew.  Such an independent soul.  Guess you haven't changed much since you were born.  You were always able to do things by yourself.  Sometimes that still gets you in trouble, but you learn best that way.

Although you are creative in an artistic way, you also are very linear in some thinking.  You have lists, and notebooks and journals all over the place.  You do well with math, but you also can write.  You love your computer(s), I can't believe that you have two.  You love your camera, but you intend to put together a web site with your creative projects and how to instructions on it for others to learn more from.  

I am so proud of you!  You are learning to be responsible for your own actions, and you are learning from the consequences.  You have faith in God, and a testimony of the Savior.  You are so excited to go to Young Women's.  I can't believe that you will be one of those bouncy smiley girls!  :)  You love others, stand up for what is right, and don't let yourself get pushed around.  I am glad that you are becoming who you are.  I am anxious to see what you will do in your life.  Only time will tell.

You signed up for volleyball.  You bike to and from school(mostly).  You like to stay up late, and get up late, which is slightly problematic when school starts so early at 7:20am.  You don't take crap from your brother.  The world is black and white to you--very little grey.  You are finding great friends to hang out with.  If there is something unjust, it offends your senses.  Teachers are sure to hear about it.  You are not a quiet girl.  You love rock and roll-not the gently easy stuff either.  You love to swim.  You love your dog.  We have had her for a year now.  She is a great addition to our family.  You take care of her and her needs.  You keep her yard clean, and walk her diligently.  You are responsible!  Thank you!

Mostly, I am just glad that I get to be your mom. That doesn't mean that we don't butt heads, we certainly do.  You are a challenging daughter, who allows me to develop talents that I didn't know I had in me.  Thank you for being you.  I love you!  Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Random thoughts

My handsome son, starting high school this year!

My beautiful daughter, starting middle school this year!

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Remember way back when, I stated that my castle was crumbling...well it continues to do so. I can't imagine why all these repairs are necessary at this moment of time, but it appears that everything that I own is breaking. Yikes, repair bills, here we come. A few of our needed repairs: broken spinkler head (Thank you hubby, for running it over with your pick-up truck. So nice of you) Garage door, picture window (seal is broken, therefore worthless in keeping out the relentless Colorado heat), powder room sink faucet needs to be replaced. I had the refrigerator repair man out last week, and all I really wanted to do was save my money for a new to me automobile...guess that is off in the far future again! Grrrr!

Anyways, the joys of home ownership!

Other than that, summer officially ended last Monday, as that was the day my children started school. How fun, high school and middle school. Where does the time go?

I am, however enjoying the summer weather, by lounging by our community pool in the middle of the day, when there is no one there, cuz they are all in school. There is method to my madness I know. That way, I can sun burn in peace! :)

Generally we are getting back into routine. I am hoping that this year is another great one! Wish us luck! I am thinking we are going to need lots!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


There are times in our life that constitute of growing periods. You know what I mean. Just like our growing season in the garden, we all have growing periods in our lives. Sometimes we grow like mad, other times, we aren't nurtured as we should, so we stagnate, just a little. Then, there are things that pop into our lives, that make us grow again! Seems to me, that we (as in our collective family) has been doing a lot of growing lately. I was looking for a downward cycle, but seems that we are forever growing. Perhaps in the end, our family will be like a beautiful lush forest, teeming with beauty and elegance. For now, we are just shrubs, surviving under somewhat harsh conditions.

My dear son is embarking on Trek. He gets to hike approximately 30 miles through the territory in Wyoming, that LDS pioneers pulled their handcarts through. He is having a hard time conceiving that this experience will be beneficial to him in any way, shape or form. We, as parents, have encouraged, bribed, and now, in my dear son's vocab, forced him to go. Unwillingly. And yet, we see the good in this experience, the growth that will happen, that will allow him to become a better person.

His situation has made me become a little introspective. Isn't this how our Heavenly Father has us grow? He puts us into situations that are difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes nearly impossible to overcome, and yet, in the end we are better for it. Without those oppositions, we would not be able to grow, and learn, and become better people for it. We are not in control of our lives. There are too many extraneous factors that affect us. We can either accept and move forward, or dig in our heels and fight. And yet, somehow, we end up going through the experience anyways. We can alter our attitude, and make the situation better by doing so. However, I find that when I am in the so called growth period in my life, I tend to act like my son. Begrudgingly moving forward, only because I am forced to. Guess I have a lot more to learn--and grow!

So, I wish you all happy gardening! May your family grow into something beautiful! I sure hope that mine does, with or without my attitude!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Summer is in full swing down here in the central plains of Colorado. It has been for almost a month. School was out at the end of May, so we are in the middle of our summer break. It is sad to think that we start school all over again, the second week of August. Sadder still to think I have a high school aged son, and a middle school aged daughter. I am feeling older than usual this summer. We started summer off with a bang, with our second ever family vacation (not including visits to family). We went to Disneyland for 4 days, Southern California for another two. I must say that the ocean is beautiful. I think I need to move close to one someday. But, for now, I am safely surrounded by mountains and plains! No need to worry about hurricanes or Tsunami's for a while! :)

The Castle-on our last night. It started to rain, so the park cleared out rather quickly.

Resting for a few minutes!

What's that you say? A payphone! How obsolete!

Star Tours opening weekend!

I also decided that where I live is totally whiteville. I don't mean to sound racist, I am not. I will say that I miss the cultural diversity of our former residence, about an hour north of our current location. I will also say, that for southern california, our all white, (non-tanned) anglo/german family stood out like a sore thumb. I totally appreciated seeing people of all cultures/races intermingled into happy families--maybe it was because we were at the "happiest" place on earth, but I was reminded once again, that all God's children are searching for happiness. It was fun to see families together.

We stayed at a "resort" hotel not too far from Disney--although, I am not sure that resort would be the word to use. It was nicely appointed, and I enjoyed our suite hotel. I am sure the kids enjoyed it as well. I enjoyed the pool, and our room being in a rather isolated area, I enjoyed the quiet-the palm trees, and all the unusual flowers. I miss beautiful lush greenery. I also enjoyed the humidity. My skin loved it! I also loved be so near to sea level. I am used to our "mile hi" air around here. I could actually spend more than 10mins out in the sun without crispy frying! I returned home with an actual tan! Almost unheard of in my house these past years! Most of all, I enjoyed my time spent with my hubby and kids. Note to any one else thinking of going--don't wear new shoes. Ask my dear hubs about that experience.

Last day of vacation, right before leaving for the airport. :(

Once we returned home, I painted my dear daughter's room--I told her that this was the last colour I would put up for her. Besides, if she decides to paint again, she will be able to do most of the work herself. She was a great helper. The room went together quickly, and I think it looks great. It is a light aqua/turquoise colour. I know that colour never quite transfers from wall to photo, but hey, it gives you an idea anyways. Quite mild from her previous choices. (lime greens and bubbl-icious pink) It is fun to see how her taste in colour changes with age.

I am also putting together our guest room, for we are expecting company later this summer. It will be fun to have our guests for about a week! It will mean that we can have a "stay-cation" with them. :) Other than that, My dear daughter is at drama camp. Her performance is this Friday. I am looking forward to that. My dear son has been working a little this summer, earning money by mowing lawns and babysitting. Dear daughter is going to her first girl's camp next month, and dear son is preparing for Trek. He did survive his high adventure scout camp this year.

Next month, I am working with foreign exchange students, 2 from France, 2 from Spain. I am their ESL tutor. It will be fun! I am looking forward to it! Can you tell that my summer is uber-busy? Why is that? I think I am looking forward to August, when school is in session and everyone settles into their routine. Although I love having them here with me, it sure is a busy time! Enjoy your time wherever you may be this summer! Remember that summer 2011 only comes around once in your lifetime! I am planning on enjoying it to it's fullest, regardless of the little annoyances that appear. Have fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Fashion

As summer approaches, fashion, or lack thereof comes to the forefront. I am always so surprised at the inequality between men's and women's fashions. For example, as I was stopped at a light, a couple crossed the road in front of me. The man, in his over sized t-shirt, and over sized "man-pri's",(shorts that were 4 sizes too big) and high tops. Covered from top of head (with ball cap) down to his over sized high tops. Pan over to his girl: In a leopard print tube top, Yes, she was well endowed, so the tube didn't support or cover as it should, daisy duke shorts, that showed her cheeks, and platform heels.

Sorry for that description. I hope it doesn't stay for too long. My point is this. Why do we feel as women, that we need to expose ourselves to be accepted by members of the opposite sex? Why do we feel the need to use our bodies to get gain either in our relationships or even work environment. Accentuate your curves, by all means, but really, do you need to show them to the world? How does that work in the real world? What will you gain for your career, or in your relationships, by demeaning yourself to such a basic level? Wouldn't it be better to have a brain and use it to your advantage? What do we teach our sons and daughters by having them see negative examples each and every day?

Yesterday, I was in Chick-fil-a when the high school crowd came in for lunch. Same general description-girls boobs, butts and belly's exposed-guys in the biggest, sloppiest tees and shorts.
How do parents let their children go out dressed like that? Not too mention that our local high school has a 3 b policy-boobs, butts and bellies must be covered. Hmmmm, how does that work exactly?

Now, before everyone gets all bent out of shape, I am not proposing that all women cover themselves up from neck to toes. I am not even opposed to wide strap tank tops, and shorts that are above the knee. Just please, no boobs, butts or belly.

And guys, could you please pull up your pants, I don't want to see your underwear either. And what is wrong with wearing a shirt that fits in the shoulders, and is not 6 sizes too big.

As swim suit season will be quickly upon us, I would like to state that although we all have different body shapes, and sizes please do us a favor and ensure that you are covered. If you choose to wear a bikini, do so with taste. I don't want to see excessive cleavage or bottom. If you choose to wear a one piece, a tankini, or whatever other style of swimwear, please ensure you are covered. And boys, please avoid the speedo.

And do wear your sunscreen. Melanoma cases are on the rise, be safe out there.

Sorry this was a little harsh. It has been on my mind, and I have just been trying to wrap my own mind around it.

Enjoy the warmer weather. Happy Summer!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Broken Heart-.

This is a rather blue post, so please don't read if you're in a bad mood. It will just bring you down.

There are days when I feel like I just get my heart stomped on, and today was one of them. Now, most people are usually relieved when they are released from church responsibilities, but, generally, I am not one of them. Today, I (and the rest of our presidency) was released, due to a move from the president. You would think that I would be happy about it, because serving in church presidency takes a lot of time and effort. And yes, it did, but, seeing as I have lots of time on my hands, it was a welcome respite from my hours alone at home. I loved the ladies that I served with. They have become some of my very best friends. I shared some of my darkest moments with them, and they always had my back. I loved that we all just did to get it all done, regardless of responsibility, well "official" responsibility. I loved the kids that were under my stewardship-all 180 of 'em. Yes, primary was huge. And to just be released from all that responsibility is rather harsh. (It also doesn't help when 3 of the the newly called presidency refused teaching callings in said organization-and yet they will be happy to serve in a presidency.) So not only do I feel loss, I feel anger. Grrrrr! Men don't understand. So my normally fabulous listening hubby is not comprehending my feelings at this moment. Maybe tomorrow it will be better understood. Maybe I will understand better myself, as right now I am just hurt and bugged about the whole thing. And so I am off to bed to nurse my broken heart, and to pray for understanding.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome to the top of the Hill

Today, I am lucky enough to have celebrated my 40th birthday. I remember thinking that when my mom turned 40, she was getting old, but now that I am there, I don't feel any older than yesterday! In fact, I feel like I am still 28. 28 was a good year. I felt like I knew who I was, what I was doing, and how I was going to get there. HAH! I was wrong, but I still feel like I am 28-although the body certainly looks like it's getting to 40.

I do have mixed emotions today. Birthdays always make me reevaluate my life. It is like I am on new years day, where everyone makes new year's resolutions-except that I never make resolutions. I do however think-am I a better person than I was last year? Have I done good in my family, home, and community? Have I done the best with what I have been given? With what I have learned? Have I helped others on their path? Have I shown compassion to those in needs? Have I taught by example? Have I gained a bit more patience this year? Have I made a difference? Do my children still love me? How is my relationship with my husband? With my extended family? Am I letting go of what I need to let go? Am I pursuing those things that I need to pursue? And the list goes on...

I guess to simplify, I ask myself: Am I, (in my opinion) better/farther ahead than I was last year? If I am, I know that I am going in the right direction, and all is well. If I feel like I have slid, I know I need focus on that. I think I have learned to be gentler on myself, but I need to only compare myself to myself and not others. That is so hard for me to do, especially when it comes to others who cross paths in my life. Everyone else seems so put together, cuter hair, makeup, figure, more kids, and yet I know that all people have their own demons, insecurities, secrets that they have hidden, just like I do.

So, now that I am 40, it definitely time to stop the comparisons, and be fully happy with who I am. That is my goal for this year. To accept me, to love myself, and take care of myself-because ultimately I am responsible for myself, my personal growth, and my interactions with those around me. Wish me luck, I think I will need the next 365 days to accomplish it!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top 10 questions in my life-as of today.

10. Why does Mother nature have hormonal mood swings by sending a day of 84F on one day, and the next snow?
9. The first quarter of the year is gone. Where did it go?
8. How does it work, running a claim through insurance?
7. Why does tax season have to ruin the whole month of April?
6. Will I be able to ponder and learn and apply the messages that I heard this weekend in conference?
5. How will my daughter's week at school go this week?
4. Will my son keep on acting like a regular teen this week?
3. Why are relationships so complicated?
2. Will my house stay clean for more than one day, ever?
1. Courtesy of my daughter: What language is spoken in heaven?

Feel free to comment and solve my questions if you can. Have a great week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Castle

In light of today's events in Japan, and across the world, I am just stating that I am grateful for my safe and secure home, not in the line of any Tsunami, and a relatively low risk for earth quakes. I don't have much hope on the drought front this year, if this winter is any indication, but, at least I am in no danger of being swept away. Just sayin'.

And, my prayers are going out to all those affected. In all this turmoil, let them find peace-and safety. And may I express my gratitude for my blessings.

Keep safe everyone!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's and Repairs to my Castle

Hello Everyone,

I love to read my previous posts to see what I wrote down. Perception is reality isn't it? I'm always reviewing my posts to see what was written, what in actuality happened, and how it was perceived by others. Perhaps this is why I don't write too many things down. Too much pressure. However, it is somewhat soothing to write things down, and blast them into cyberspace. Who knows who is reading them, and does it matter if my readers disagree with me? On that note, onto this week's post.

This past week has heralded another Valentine's Day. I am surprised at how many of my friends don't celebrate it in any form. We are not what I would consider a super romantic couple by any means. We don't do mushy notes, seldom do cards, and we are not super great at the dating thing either. However, my hubs and I are still in love. He says it's because he does do one romantic thing. Are you wondering what it is? He talks to me. Yup, that is the secret to our success-we talk to each other. A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine (although she is younger) said to me that when she grows old...she would like to have a marriage like mine. In that, we are a couple who still speaks to each other. Too Funny! Not too sure how I feel about being the old married couple, but she is right. I love talking to my spouse. We check in at least a couple of times each day. Seldom is the day that we don't just chat as he drives from one client to another. If he doesn't call to check in, I know that all h-e-double toothpicks has broken out, and he really can't. But I must say that has only happened maybe 1/2 dozen times in the last year. So, how do we normally celebrate the big V Day? We normally go out to dinner, and spend time...talking. We don't do flowers, and we don't go out on the day, because restaurants are way too crowded, but we still have a date. :)f

This year was different though. I received a double whammy valentine. I received 18 roses (one for each year we've been married) and a batch of chocolate covered strawberries. Now, if that isn't considered romantic, I don't know what would be. I must say that I was very surprised to be the recipient of such gifts, and I love him even more because it was so out of the ordinary. Love you honey!

On a different note, my lovely daughter has missed this week of school due to illness. Yuck! She is finally up a little this afternoon. Yay for recovery.

Also, in the last week, our furnace blower died-in the middle of the night-of one of those previous cold days, so it's not like I could wait until the morning to get it fixed. $800 later, and I have heat! :) Not that it is really needed, for the last week our high's have been in the 60's-although nights are still below freezing. Have to love our weather! But, I figure that the price was worth not having frozen pipes. One thing is for certain, Colorado is not known for insulating their houses very well. We've had frozen pipes before, and let me tell you, that is not fun!

Other than that, life is happening at a regular, manageable pace. Now that I've written it down, I'll be jinxed and be regretting I said anything, but at the moment, Life is Good.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Winter!

Well, winter has arrived (finally) in our neck of the woods. It has been an unusually mild winter in these parts, and I have to say, I have rather enjoyed it. Unfortunately, winter has arrived in fine style these past few weeks. And, it is real winter, complete with arctic air and snow. I know, usually the 2 don't go together, but somehow it is working down here. We've had snow days at school, not because of the snow, but rather the cold. Yup, true Canadian winter! :) And, we have the roads to go with it. :(

Now, here's the best part. By Saturday, we will be back in positive numbers--big positive numbers. Yup, mid 50's again! Yay! (Somewhere around 12C) That is the best part of living this far south. We consider ourselves lucky to live in such a tropical climate. (Now, I know that Colorado natives read this, they will never say their climate is tropical, but to us, it certainly is) When we first moved down south-oh about 14 yrs ago, we literally cheered when we pulled into our condo complex, and discovered that there were no electrical outlets outside--meaning our block heaters were useless! Yay! I still cheer! :)

Anyways, I need to go take full advantage of this wintery weather and head down to my basement. I have some quilting to do! So, until the sun comes out, that is where you can find me. I guess I should just say, see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why do little things happen all at once?

Good Morning, World!

Just a short rant today-why, oh why, do all little annoying things happen at once? Grrrr! The van needs to be fixed again! And, our renter just called, and the furnace is out. Double Grrrr! It is Butt cold. Brrr! My son had night terrors and woke the whole family out of a deep winters sleep. Yawn!!!! My daughter is having a sleep over, Double Yawn! And is my husband able to help with any of it. No!

Grrr! Brrr! Yawn! I think I might just put my head back under my pillow, and wake up tomorrow. Maybe it will be better then.

And, have a nice day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A new year, a new post, a new...outlook

I have to admit that I happily peruse, lurk, read and ponder the musings, posts, and lives of friends and family that take the time to write blogs. Some, I smile at, some, I cry at and others make me evaluate my life and I become introspective. However, I never feel like I am able to share my ideas as well as others do. I hesitate to write all my thoughts, ideas down. Somehow, putting things down on paper is difficult for me. It never seems as eloquent, well thought out as I'd like. Other times, I just feel like I really don't want to burden you all with the inner workings of my mind.

As this new year dawned, I was just grateful for the previous one to be over. It couldn't have been over fast enough for me. Last year was filled with heart wrenching events, family drama and financial tough times. However, we have been watched over, protected and helped along the way, and for all those friends who supported us through out the last year, here is a huge thank you!

Earlier this week, I received a phone call. I hadn't heard from/talked to, conversed with a very dear friend who has helped us all along the way. When we did finally connect, it was to have her tell me that she was battling breast cancer, and it was the day before her first chemo treatment. When I asked her why she hadn't told me earlier, she said she couldn't. I had had such a bad year, she didn't want to add onto my burdens again. As usual, she was thinking about me, and not herself. I love her. My heart is tender-I have to question again just how these horrible things happen to such good people.

I have noticed that I have so much more empathy for those going through trials. I have several friends whose families are breaking apart, husbands that are suffering from various addictions that make it impossible to remain in such toxic environment. I have friends that are dealing with cancer, unemployment, wayward children, children that are struggling through school, moms who are beyond exhausted by trying to keep it all together-in style. I have friends who have also lost loved ones, their children dealing the best they know how (which isn't so great), car accidents, and I guess I could continue, but I wonder what the point would be. These are all trials that I wouldn't want to deal with, and yet they do. I am left wondering how I can be of help to these people.

Instead of pushing last year completely out of my mind, I need to go back and remember how I was helped along the way, even when I was unaware of the help being offered. I need to remember and then act upon promptings so that I may be of help to others. Otherwise, the past year would have been all in vain--and I refuse to go through all of that, to merit nothing in return.

So here is to the new year, a new outlook, and a new embracing of the past. Hopefully it will allow me to move into the future being happy with my life, finding joy in the journey, and rendering aid if needed.