Monday, November 29, 2010

Another month gone? Really?

Here we are at the end of another month. Personally I think that time is going by faster than ever before. Where does the time go? I find it hard to believe that 2010 is almost over. In a way, I am so glad to start the new year over, but after surviving this one, I live in fear of the upcoming year!

This month was busy--aren't they all? Just a list of a few things on my calendar that I am perusing at the moment, and I don't need to wonder why I feel tired today. Let's see: The month started with a fabulous choir concert from my dear daughter. She is quite the vocal artist, I must say, and I enjoyed the concert. It was perfect! It lasted 20 mins max! Now that's a music teacher that I can fall in love with! Unfortunately, Dear Husband was 20 mins late (stuck in traffic) and was walking in, just as we were leaving. Dear Daughter was mighty upset. I think Dear Husband is still trying to make up to her on that event. Various church functions, a trip to the cannery, (gotta love their hot chocolate mix-yummo!) I also am partial to their fruit drink mix-which our family lovingly calls "church tang". A Stake ADG event, an Avalanche game, with our very dear friends, who although are very sporty, don't know a bunch about hockey. It was a blast. My dear friend was surprised that I was so vocal about the game. I guess I don't share my enthusiasm freely outside the Pepsi Center-or my home in front of the tv. :) My kids had different days off from school that first week, Thank goodness that the elections are over for another year!

Second week started with a bang-I forgot to put out my donations on the driveway. They are still hounding me with daily phone calls! :( Presidency meetings, visiting teaching, a Mary Kay makeover, IB informational meeting for my almost highschooler...(yikes! am I really that old?) and more church training, round out that week. It was also my Dear Son's birthday-14! He had friends stay the night. My house looked war torn, but I have to admit those nerf guns have certainly transformed modern warfare! Dear Son also had a court of honor for his scouting activities--he received a special award for his effort this past summer at scout camp. It was a nice recognition, in that he really does have a hard time at camp, but he stepped up and became a strong leader for all those "newbies".

Third week started with the Primary Program. Not a big deal you might say, but with 143 kids, it was. I think it rocked! Family dinner, parent conferences with daughter's teacher, more vt'ing, voice lessons, twice weekly tutoring sessions, and a visit from the com cast man round out week three.

Week four: Starts out with a visit from our home teachers, another presidency meeting, only one tutoring session due to Thanksgiving, and two Orthodontic appointments: 6 more weeks of braces for dear son, and then his smile shall be metal free! Dear Daughter still has another year and a half! Thanksgiving, and a stay-cation,love cheap shopping days, my dear husbands 44th birthday, and now onto week 5/week 1 of December.

Yikes! So, now that you know my personal schedule, I would like to say that I am extremely grateful that I don't have a full time, paid position to throw into that mix! It has been c-r-a-z-y! Please tell me that I will not have the same problem next month. No wonder my house is a disaster, and I feel ill prepared for Christmas. Give me a few days. Maybe I will actually start the decorating projects!

Happy Advent everyone! My wish for you is a stress free, Christ centered Christmas Season! My sister taught me that one. Christmas is not just the one day, it is the Season-so enjoy it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


October did Rock! I had a really great time with Family, Friends, and Kids! November, however, is not starting out on a good note. It is a month of birthdays! Both Hubby and Dear Son have birthdays this month. I always feel old(er) on my son's birthday. Hard to believe that 14 years ago I was hugely pregnant and awaiting the arrival of baby number 1. How time flies. A post about him awaits you at a later date.

Today is my mother in law's birthday. She passed away 9 months ago. Funny how 9 months can seem so long, and be so short at the same time. She was a great example of service and selflessness. Her laugh was infectious, and her ever present optimism was great, though at some times, I thought it annoying as well. Didn't she understand what I was going through, that I needed understanding and support and not just optimistic analogies that didn't really make sense at the time? How little I knew. Life has a way of teaching you lessons that all need to learn. I think we all just learn them in different times and places and ways. I truly miss her. I know dear hubby does too. And, so do my kids. I miss her wisdom and her English wit. I miss her voice. I miss her interactions with my kiddos. She was a great Grandma. Perhaps that is why the happenings of the past 2 days are annoying me so badly today...I guess my emotions are raw and annoyances annoy with a vengeance.

Dear MiL passed away 1 month short a day of my own father. Our family has struggled through the first 3/4 of the year. All of us are on the path of recovery for a lack of a better word. We are learning to live without anchors. We were pretty independent folk, and still are. We didn't ask for a lot of help through this mess, and I think we are doing great! But, somehow, we just aren't impressing some other people in our life with our efforts. Here is my grievance. Last night, my dear husband received a message that he would be accompanied with another to accomplish a monthly responsibility that has not been often accomplished this year. The way it was presented was underhanded, and knowing my spouse, it isn't going to happen with said "help" and now that he has dug in his heels, good luck for the future. It would have been nice to have a visit, to ask why said responsibility was not being accomplished. Instead, it came across as "You're a failure, thus it will now happen this way" ANNOYING! People's lack of understanding is astonishing to me. If you truly cared, you would be a little more in tune with our family at this time. So get off your Butt, and you finish it if you think it is so dang important. Don't leave a backhanded message on the phone and expect results!

And now, I am getting off of my soapbox, and hoping that I will let my feelings of annoyance go, and get on with my day. I have birthday parties to plan!