Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How time flies!

 2005                                                                                         2006



My daughter--who turned from the pretty young girl to beautiful young lady.  I admit it, I am biased.

Dear Daughter,

In case you ever get lost, I thought I would tell you about yourself.  This is how I see you.  I hope you see yourself the same way.

From the photos, it is obvious that your favorite colour is pink-and blue!  Not that you don't wear other colours, you just pick these as your photo colours.  You prefer your hair short.   The only reason it is as long as it is, is because your friend dared you to grow it out this summer.  I love that you took her up on the offer, but you are debating getting it cut--as it's just too hot.  You have your dad's thick, somewhat wavy hair.  Lucky you.

You love to sing.  At the moment you are in private voice lessons, which you think are not quite as fun as you'd like.  You have such a beautiful voice.  I am glad that you have that talent.  You are also in choir--holding down the alto section by yourself.  What a compliment to have your teacher tell the class that if they are lost, they are to follow you.  That's my girl!  You definitely did not get that talent from me either.

You are a great student, who is striving to do her best in school.  I love how you put effort into learning.  I also love how creative you are.  Currently, you are teaching yourself to sculpt.  You also are teaching yourself to sew.  Such an independent soul.  Guess you haven't changed much since you were born.  You were always able to do things by yourself.  Sometimes that still gets you in trouble, but you learn best that way.

Although you are creative in an artistic way, you also are very linear in some thinking.  You have lists, and notebooks and journals all over the place.  You do well with math, but you also can write.  You love your computer(s), I can't believe that you have two.  You love your camera, but you intend to put together a web site with your creative projects and how to instructions on it for others to learn more from.  

I am so proud of you!  You are learning to be responsible for your own actions, and you are learning from the consequences.  You have faith in God, and a testimony of the Savior.  You are so excited to go to Young Women's.  I can't believe that you will be one of those bouncy smiley girls!  :)  You love others, stand up for what is right, and don't let yourself get pushed around.  I am glad that you are becoming who you are.  I am anxious to see what you will do in your life.  Only time will tell.

You signed up for volleyball.  You bike to and from school(mostly).  You like to stay up late, and get up late, which is slightly problematic when school starts so early at 7:20am.  You don't take crap from your brother.  The world is black and white to you--very little grey.  You are finding great friends to hang out with.  If there is something unjust, it offends your senses.  Teachers are sure to hear about it.  You are not a quiet girl.  You love rock and roll-not the gently easy stuff either.  You love to swim.  You love your dog.  We have had her for a year now.  She is a great addition to our family.  You take care of her and her needs.  You keep her yard clean, and walk her diligently.  You are responsible!  Thank you!

Mostly, I am just glad that I get to be your mom. That doesn't mean that we don't butt heads, we certainly do.  You are a challenging daughter, who allows me to develop talents that I didn't know I had in me.  Thank you for being you.  I love you!  Happy Birthday!