Sunday, September 19, 2010

Loss, and it isn't even mine.

How does one reconcile/come to grips with/ understand the meaning of death? How does it affect you? How does it affect your family? How does one who is a bystander support those that are reeling from loss? As each person grieves individually, is there any good thing to say to a person that is in the least bit helpful/supportive....
Just questioning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Hubby

You listen to what I have to say, good, bad and ugly. You don't take upon yourself my feelings, thank you so much. Your heart is bigger than your girth-and that says a lot! You not only support me emotionally, spiritually , but also physically. You are willing to serve, you feel overwhelmed, you keep going. You rock! I love you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today, my heart is filled with gratitude. I was reflecting back on a previous post of being content with what I have. And today my glass is more than half full.
My kiddos have settled into school-rather nicely-better than in previous years.
My son has missed out on all the drama in other classes at his school. Thank you for that little blessing. We don't need drama in our life.
Dear Daughter also is having a relatively drama free start to the year. She is also in school choir and we are starting swim lessons today. :)
My hubby has seemingly settled back into self employment. Having a profitable month helps!
I have family coming into town next month, which I am so excited about.
I am looking forward to getting family photos done.
I am feeling spiritually fed, and welcome opportunities of service.
Life is good.