Thursday, June 23, 2011


Summer is in full swing down here in the central plains of Colorado. It has been for almost a month. School was out at the end of May, so we are in the middle of our summer break. It is sad to think that we start school all over again, the second week of August. Sadder still to think I have a high school aged son, and a middle school aged daughter. I am feeling older than usual this summer. We started summer off with a bang, with our second ever family vacation (not including visits to family). We went to Disneyland for 4 days, Southern California for another two. I must say that the ocean is beautiful. I think I need to move close to one someday. But, for now, I am safely surrounded by mountains and plains! No need to worry about hurricanes or Tsunami's for a while! :)

The Castle-on our last night. It started to rain, so the park cleared out rather quickly.

Resting for a few minutes!

What's that you say? A payphone! How obsolete!

Star Tours opening weekend!

I also decided that where I live is totally whiteville. I don't mean to sound racist, I am not. I will say that I miss the cultural diversity of our former residence, about an hour north of our current location. I will also say, that for southern california, our all white, (non-tanned) anglo/german family stood out like a sore thumb. I totally appreciated seeing people of all cultures/races intermingled into happy families--maybe it was because we were at the "happiest" place on earth, but I was reminded once again, that all God's children are searching for happiness. It was fun to see families together.

We stayed at a "resort" hotel not too far from Disney--although, I am not sure that resort would be the word to use. It was nicely appointed, and I enjoyed our suite hotel. I am sure the kids enjoyed it as well. I enjoyed the pool, and our room being in a rather isolated area, I enjoyed the quiet-the palm trees, and all the unusual flowers. I miss beautiful lush greenery. I also enjoyed the humidity. My skin loved it! I also loved be so near to sea level. I am used to our "mile hi" air around here. I could actually spend more than 10mins out in the sun without crispy frying! I returned home with an actual tan! Almost unheard of in my house these past years! Most of all, I enjoyed my time spent with my hubby and kids. Note to any one else thinking of going--don't wear new shoes. Ask my dear hubs about that experience.

Last day of vacation, right before leaving for the airport. :(

Once we returned home, I painted my dear daughter's room--I told her that this was the last colour I would put up for her. Besides, if she decides to paint again, she will be able to do most of the work herself. She was a great helper. The room went together quickly, and I think it looks great. It is a light aqua/turquoise colour. I know that colour never quite transfers from wall to photo, but hey, it gives you an idea anyways. Quite mild from her previous choices. (lime greens and bubbl-icious pink) It is fun to see how her taste in colour changes with age.

I am also putting together our guest room, for we are expecting company later this summer. It will be fun to have our guests for about a week! It will mean that we can have a "stay-cation" with them. :) Other than that, My dear daughter is at drama camp. Her performance is this Friday. I am looking forward to that. My dear son has been working a little this summer, earning money by mowing lawns and babysitting. Dear daughter is going to her first girl's camp next month, and dear son is preparing for Trek. He did survive his high adventure scout camp this year.

Next month, I am working with foreign exchange students, 2 from France, 2 from Spain. I am their ESL tutor. It will be fun! I am looking forward to it! Can you tell that my summer is uber-busy? Why is that? I think I am looking forward to August, when school is in session and everyone settles into their routine. Although I love having them here with me, it sure is a busy time! Enjoy your time wherever you may be this summer! Remember that summer 2011 only comes around once in your lifetime! I am planning on enjoying it to it's fullest, regardless of the little annoyances that appear. Have fun!