Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's and Repairs to my Castle

Hello Everyone,

I love to read my previous posts to see what I wrote down. Perception is reality isn't it? I'm always reviewing my posts to see what was written, what in actuality happened, and how it was perceived by others. Perhaps this is why I don't write too many things down. Too much pressure. However, it is somewhat soothing to write things down, and blast them into cyberspace. Who knows who is reading them, and does it matter if my readers disagree with me? On that note, onto this week's post.

This past week has heralded another Valentine's Day. I am surprised at how many of my friends don't celebrate it in any form. We are not what I would consider a super romantic couple by any means. We don't do mushy notes, seldom do cards, and we are not super great at the dating thing either. However, my hubs and I are still in love. He says it's because he does do one romantic thing. Are you wondering what it is? He talks to me. Yup, that is the secret to our success-we talk to each other. A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine (although she is younger) said to me that when she grows old...she would like to have a marriage like mine. In that, we are a couple who still speaks to each other. Too Funny! Not too sure how I feel about being the old married couple, but she is right. I love talking to my spouse. We check in at least a couple of times each day. Seldom is the day that we don't just chat as he drives from one client to another. If he doesn't call to check in, I know that all h-e-double toothpicks has broken out, and he really can't. But I must say that has only happened maybe 1/2 dozen times in the last year. So, how do we normally celebrate the big V Day? We normally go out to dinner, and spend time...talking. We don't do flowers, and we don't go out on the day, because restaurants are way too crowded, but we still have a date. :)f

This year was different though. I received a double whammy valentine. I received 18 roses (one for each year we've been married) and a batch of chocolate covered strawberries. Now, if that isn't considered romantic, I don't know what would be. I must say that I was very surprised to be the recipient of such gifts, and I love him even more because it was so out of the ordinary. Love you honey!

On a different note, my lovely daughter has missed this week of school due to illness. Yuck! She is finally up a little this afternoon. Yay for recovery.

Also, in the last week, our furnace blower died-in the middle of the night-of one of those previous cold days, so it's not like I could wait until the morning to get it fixed. $800 later, and I have heat! :) Not that it is really needed, for the last week our high's have been in the 60's-although nights are still below freezing. Have to love our weather! But, I figure that the price was worth not having frozen pipes. One thing is for certain, Colorado is not known for insulating their houses very well. We've had frozen pipes before, and let me tell you, that is not fun!

Other than that, life is happening at a regular, manageable pace. Now that I've written it down, I'll be jinxed and be regretting I said anything, but at the moment, Life is Good.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Winter!

Well, winter has arrived (finally) in our neck of the woods. It has been an unusually mild winter in these parts, and I have to say, I have rather enjoyed it. Unfortunately, winter has arrived in fine style these past few weeks. And, it is real winter, complete with arctic air and snow. I know, usually the 2 don't go together, but somehow it is working down here. We've had snow days at school, not because of the snow, but rather the cold. Yup, true Canadian winter! :) And, we have the roads to go with it. :(

Now, here's the best part. By Saturday, we will be back in positive numbers--big positive numbers. Yup, mid 50's again! Yay! (Somewhere around 12C) That is the best part of living this far south. We consider ourselves lucky to live in such a tropical climate. (Now, I know that Colorado natives read this, they will never say their climate is tropical, but to us, it certainly is) When we first moved down south-oh about 14 yrs ago, we literally cheered when we pulled into our condo complex, and discovered that there were no electrical outlets outside--meaning our block heaters were useless! Yay! I still cheer! :)

Anyways, I need to go take full advantage of this wintery weather and head down to my basement. I have some quilting to do! So, until the sun comes out, that is where you can find me. I guess I should just say, see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why do little things happen all at once?

Good Morning, World!

Just a short rant today-why, oh why, do all little annoying things happen at once? Grrrr! The van needs to be fixed again! And, our renter just called, and the furnace is out. Double Grrrr! It is Butt cold. Brrr! My son had night terrors and woke the whole family out of a deep winters sleep. Yawn!!!! My daughter is having a sleep over, Double Yawn! And is my husband able to help with any of it. No!

Grrr! Brrr! Yawn! I think I might just put my head back under my pillow, and wake up tomorrow. Maybe it will be better then.

And, have a nice day!