Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Fashion

As summer approaches, fashion, or lack thereof comes to the forefront. I am always so surprised at the inequality between men's and women's fashions. For example, as I was stopped at a light, a couple crossed the road in front of me. The man, in his over sized t-shirt, and over sized "man-pri's",(shorts that were 4 sizes too big) and high tops. Covered from top of head (with ball cap) down to his over sized high tops. Pan over to his girl: In a leopard print tube top, Yes, she was well endowed, so the tube didn't support or cover as it should, daisy duke shorts, that showed her cheeks, and platform heels.

Sorry for that description. I hope it doesn't stay for too long. My point is this. Why do we feel as women, that we need to expose ourselves to be accepted by members of the opposite sex? Why do we feel the need to use our bodies to get gain either in our relationships or even work environment. Accentuate your curves, by all means, but really, do you need to show them to the world? How does that work in the real world? What will you gain for your career, or in your relationships, by demeaning yourself to such a basic level? Wouldn't it be better to have a brain and use it to your advantage? What do we teach our sons and daughters by having them see negative examples each and every day?

Yesterday, I was in Chick-fil-a when the high school crowd came in for lunch. Same general description-girls boobs, butts and belly's exposed-guys in the biggest, sloppiest tees and shorts.
How do parents let their children go out dressed like that? Not too mention that our local high school has a 3 b policy-boobs, butts and bellies must be covered. Hmmmm, how does that work exactly?

Now, before everyone gets all bent out of shape, I am not proposing that all women cover themselves up from neck to toes. I am not even opposed to wide strap tank tops, and shorts that are above the knee. Just please, no boobs, butts or belly.

And guys, could you please pull up your pants, I don't want to see your underwear either. And what is wrong with wearing a shirt that fits in the shoulders, and is not 6 sizes too big.

As swim suit season will be quickly upon us, I would like to state that although we all have different body shapes, and sizes please do us a favor and ensure that you are covered. If you choose to wear a bikini, do so with taste. I don't want to see excessive cleavage or bottom. If you choose to wear a one piece, a tankini, or whatever other style of swimwear, please ensure you are covered. And boys, please avoid the speedo.

And do wear your sunscreen. Melanoma cases are on the rise, be safe out there.

Sorry this was a little harsh. It has been on my mind, and I have just been trying to wrap my own mind around it.

Enjoy the warmer weather. Happy Summer!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Broken Heart-.

This is a rather blue post, so please don't read if you're in a bad mood. It will just bring you down.

There are days when I feel like I just get my heart stomped on, and today was one of them. Now, most people are usually relieved when they are released from church responsibilities, but, generally, I am not one of them. Today, I (and the rest of our presidency) was released, due to a move from the president. You would think that I would be happy about it, because serving in church presidency takes a lot of time and effort. And yes, it did, but, seeing as I have lots of time on my hands, it was a welcome respite from my hours alone at home. I loved the ladies that I served with. They have become some of my very best friends. I shared some of my darkest moments with them, and they always had my back. I loved that we all just did to get it all done, regardless of responsibility, well "official" responsibility. I loved the kids that were under my stewardship-all 180 of 'em. Yes, primary was huge. And to just be released from all that responsibility is rather harsh. (It also doesn't help when 3 of the the newly called presidency refused teaching callings in said organization-and yet they will be happy to serve in a presidency.) So not only do I feel loss, I feel anger. Grrrrr! Men don't understand. So my normally fabulous listening hubby is not comprehending my feelings at this moment. Maybe tomorrow it will be better understood. Maybe I will understand better myself, as right now I am just hurt and bugged about the whole thing. And so I am off to bed to nurse my broken heart, and to pray for understanding.