Sunday, July 24, 2011


There are times in our life that constitute of growing periods. You know what I mean. Just like our growing season in the garden, we all have growing periods in our lives. Sometimes we grow like mad, other times, we aren't nurtured as we should, so we stagnate, just a little. Then, there are things that pop into our lives, that make us grow again! Seems to me, that we (as in our collective family) has been doing a lot of growing lately. I was looking for a downward cycle, but seems that we are forever growing. Perhaps in the end, our family will be like a beautiful lush forest, teeming with beauty and elegance. For now, we are just shrubs, surviving under somewhat harsh conditions.

My dear son is embarking on Trek. He gets to hike approximately 30 miles through the territory in Wyoming, that LDS pioneers pulled their handcarts through. He is having a hard time conceiving that this experience will be beneficial to him in any way, shape or form. We, as parents, have encouraged, bribed, and now, in my dear son's vocab, forced him to go. Unwillingly. And yet, we see the good in this experience, the growth that will happen, that will allow him to become a better person.

His situation has made me become a little introspective. Isn't this how our Heavenly Father has us grow? He puts us into situations that are difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes nearly impossible to overcome, and yet, in the end we are better for it. Without those oppositions, we would not be able to grow, and learn, and become better people for it. We are not in control of our lives. There are too many extraneous factors that affect us. We can either accept and move forward, or dig in our heels and fight. And yet, somehow, we end up going through the experience anyways. We can alter our attitude, and make the situation better by doing so. However, I find that when I am in the so called growth period in my life, I tend to act like my son. Begrudgingly moving forward, only because I am forced to. Guess I have a lot more to learn--and grow!

So, I wish you all happy gardening! May your family grow into something beautiful! I sure hope that mine does, with or without my attitude!