Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dynamite comes in small packages

The day my daughter was born, I knew she was a force of nature.  After asking the nurses to keep her in the nursery that first night so I could get some sleep, knowing that I had my almost 3 year old at home, my sleep was interrupted by the nurse at around 2am.  I repeated my request that she spend the night there, but I received this in reply~ "You don't understand, she has woken up ALL the babies in the nursery" and hence, my daughter spent the night with me.

Things haven't really changed much.  She is still a very determined girl.  She fights through life, but her tenacity(read stubbornness) stands her in good stead.  She is smart, talented and driven.  And sometimes, pays for it.

However, this time it paid off in good ways.  She has been a member of our local NJHS~national junior honor society ~Local Middle School Chapter.  This is a national organization that promotes academics, citizenship, responsibility and leadership.  Each year, the group of kids who are involved in NJHS hold elections for the positions of President, VP, Treasurer and Historian.  You must be going into 8th grade to hold an officer's position.  So, She ran for the position of VP~and won!  I think it was her speech that did it.  It was short and to the point.  It went something like this.

The top 7 Reasons why Dear Daughter should be the Vice President.

7)I am so organized my lists have lists.
6)I am so outgoing that I have been told that I should have my own talk show.
5)Responsibility is my middle name.
4)I will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
3)I have had my own computer since I was 6 months old, so the website is no problem.
2)I hold the principles of NJHS is the highest esteem
1)I am the best~vote for Me.

Quite bold in it's simplicity, but then she has never stepped down from anything.

It is a nice way to end the year.  She will be very busy next year as they have 1 big service project a quarter, serving the community and keeping things running in general.  I guess I will see what a time commitment this will be, but I am just so proud of her!  Yay!

I would write more, but I must be off picking up madame VP from school.

Have a great day!