Friday, May 21, 2010

School's out for the summer--Almost

School is almost out for the summer--just a couple more days and my life will be one blissful day after another filled with sunshiny days and star filled nights....
Oh wait, that would be only in my dreams.
My kiddos are excited. School has been difficult this year, and they are both tired emotionally and just need some rest from regular life. Skippy is rather anal about his grades, so watching him struggle to maintain his grades to his satisfaction has been rather hard. And DQ, well, let's just say that there are a few people in her class that should be grateful that they survived. She was this close to letting them have it. All in all, it was a good year! We all survived, so that is a good thing.
Not to sure what we have to accomplish this summer. Maybe some recuperation time. I would love to have a fun filled, relaxing summer. I hope that this can be accomplished.
Fun filled days at the pool, library, because we are a family of avid readers, friends, and of course food. Food is the mainstay of my son's life, as he will tell you, daily, hourly, maybe even minute-ly.
Zoo trips, museum trips, maybe even trips out of the country.
BBQ's and parties--
I hope we can accomplish it all!
Happy Victoria Day!
Happy Summer!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Colorado Crew

Welcome to my blog
The Four of us!

A quick Introduction to my crew.
There are four of us who are my main people.
There are many others who influence my life, but I will mainly focus on us.

There is hubby. A hardworking man, dedicated to our family and his work and church.
There is Skippy. Our son. A fabulous teen who is smart, generous and a computer genius.
There is Drama Queen-my highly creative, energetic, beautiful daughter.
And then there is me. Some might call me a drama queen (the apple doesn't fall far from this tree) but I am a call it how it is, straight talking soul, who loves simple and beautiful things.

As a family we are grieving the loss of our parents. One of each from each side of the family in less than one short month of this year. We are all reeling from the loss. Mothers Day was awful for me husband who lost his mother in February, and I am sure that Father's Day will be awful for me, who lost my dad in January. He died of a rare form of Cancer--Linitus Plastica. If you want information on that just google it. Suffice it to say that it was swift moving, awful, life taking cancer. No known cure. At all.

MIL died unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism--on the side of a road in Wyoming. Her death was not expected. It was awful.

Skippy and DQ are dealing with death as best as children can. Both their grades have suffered, but ultimately, they are putting one foot in front of the other, and continuing living as best as they can. School is an awful place to send your kids when they are grieving. Teachers are not grief counselors, and kids are M-E-A-N!

Parents that are grieving don't parent very well. I am grateful that I was able to parent well before all this happened, so that my kiddos had a somewhat firm foundation to weather this storm. This storm is not over yet. I figure we might be in the eye of it right now.

Hubby is fighting depression. He has been in the anger phase for so long, I worry about him.
DQ takes after her dad. I worry about her. She is showing some signs of depression. I need to keep my eye on her...closely.
Skippy is emotional--not unusual for a teenager. But more so than he has been. I worry about him as well.
And then there is me. I worry about myself. I hope that I have friends that worry about me as well. Maybe they will help me through this all.
Because when both sides of the team are hit with life altering events, life is hard!