Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A memory

Let me preface this story by saying that we don't usually have white store bought bread in our home. But, yesterday, I bought a loaf just for fun. Reactions from my family were "sweet! White bread!"~and over half the loaf is gone this morning.

This afternoon, I was looking for lunch~and what did my eyes spy, some tuna salad that was left over from yesterday. So, Tuna for lunch it is! However, I put it on white bread, and it brought me back to the following memory.

When I was growing up, vacations were seldom on the horizon. My parents owned their own business, so time away was very limited. Several times, or should I say all of our vacations consisted of packing up the car(lightly), and cruising to BC to pick cherries (or other fruit) for canning. We had to pack lightly, so that there was room for all those cherries that mom would can for winter. On one of those trips, my dad decided to come along. We left from our home, traveled past the Brazeau Dam, and went back roads to Nordegg~gravel roads all the way, to continue on through the mountains to BC.

My dad was known for stopping along the way to pick up treats. My mom hated that dad allowed us to eat in the car. It was the only time we were allowed to eat in the car. Chips, drinks etc. Dad was good for that. Mom..not so much! We ended up stopping at a road side cafe, truck stop, where there were upside down trees cemented to the ground. The roots were the tree tops. I won't ever forget that, because I thought that was just amazing. I also remember the rocket ship playground that we could run around and play on.

I also remember on this trip that we got to go inside to eat. I wonder if mom didn't win the battle of not allowing food in the car. The cafe was long and narrow, but it looked great to me. We didn't get to eat out too often. My choice? A tuna fish sandwich on white bread, and blueberry pie! (You know, the kind from the cooler with glass windows). Who knew that such a mundane lunch in 2012 would bring back fond memories of a summer vacation 30 odd years ago. I do remember that the pie was better than the tuna, but I had to have it so that I could eat white bread~which was never allowed in our home either.

Funny how traditions are passed through generations. I think I will buy white bread more often. Who am I to deprive my children of something so treasured?

Also, Wishing my dad a happy birthday! He would have been 73 today. It would be great to share a piece of blueberry pie with him~he was not one to eat tuna~or white bread! Although he loved his burgers, so he had his fill of white bread then! ;) Maybe he is having a slice of cake in Heaven.

Memories are great things! Have a great day!

I am so thankful for this picture. Dad decided to go on our annual mountain trip with the kids. (2008) We are on/at Spirit Island close to Jasper, AB. My mom and I would take the kids to different spots in the mountains each year. Dad didn't ever want to go, but this year was different. He decided he wanted to go along. We had a great time, and spotted 5 black bears, elk, mountain sheep, and bighorn sheep. All in about 48 hours. He was our good luck charm. By the time the trip was over he was done with the kids and the truck! It was like any trip we had when I was a child~drive, drive, drive~stop, look around~and drive back home. (Minus the fruit picking, it was too early in the season) Too funny!

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  1. That is a lovely Tribute Beate. It is nice that we have those old memories to hang on to. You kids will too there will just be on whole wheat bread and just a sweet!